With Camp ONE – ‘All About Growth!’ now behind us, all eyes are set on our next event: Camp Two, Tuesday, the 16th of November. The day’s theme is set as ‘There’s More Than One Way to Grow‘, and it hints at Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Expansion strategies.

This is a topic on many Digital Agency owners’ agenda at some point in their maturity curve, and Agency Growth Events has put together a stellar cast representing each side of the deal table. Our expert speakers will cover Exit Planning, Buying and Selling Agencies, Expanding in Europe, and Multi-brand agency management as an alternative take on mergers.

Let’s have a closer look!

Every Digital Agency owner asks themselves these questions at some point:

  • Can I sell my digital agency?
  • How do I sell my digital agency?
  • How do I conduct a valuation of my digital marketing agency?
  • When should I sell my digital agency?

Our opening speaker Scott Leff, Principal at TobinLeff, the specialist M&A consultancy based in the US, has the answers. He’s not a generalist either; Scott has owned and run advertising, marketing, PR and video production companies, so he speaks from personal experience!

In his speech “How to plan your exit from day one?“, Scott will shed light on strategies that will facilitate the eventual exit of a Digital Agency owner, right at the very start of their journey. So, wherever you might be on your business maturity curve, an early-stage entrepreneur or an established business owner, there’ll be lessons to learn here.

Scott has kindly shared a sneak preview of his topic on our guest blog. Read about it here.

Gain insight into Digital Agency M&A: Buy-side stories

After that insightful session, we go to the first QuickFire networking break of the day. Get ready to meet other attendees in quick succession, where we send a constant stream of interesting people your way. 

Here are some tips on mastering this innovative networking format.

The second content session of the day takes us to the buy-side at the M&A table as we listen to Theo Green, Chief Growth Officer of BraveBison, on Why and When they buy businesses.

Theo is what you’d call a multi-sport athlete in (not-so) business terms. He’s been a Digital Agency exec for some time now, but before that, he was an associate at a private equity firm with $3B of equity raised. This cross-pollination is one of the driving forces behind BraveBison’s rapid growth, and Theo will be talking about their recent acquisition of Greenlight and others.

After our second QuickFire networking break, we take a timeout from all the mergers and acquisitions and connect to Jet Weevers, Managing Director (NL) of Crowd, to learn about Growing a business in Europe. Jet will tell us why it’s not just one big homogeneous market and share tips on developing business in the many countries that make up the old continent.

With that, we go to the last QuickFire networking break of the day. This time it’ll last longer. As we know, this is what you’re attending Agency Growth Events for.

The last talk of the day contains a few surprises. We tune into Australia to hear from Boyd Roberts, Tanya Di Giacomo and Ben Wheelhouse of the Big Picture Group. In a world where agencies consolidate through acquisition, they’ve chosen to go the other way and give birth to a new brand to form their Group brand eventually. This will be an interesting one to listen to, and to better prepare you for this; you might want to read their guest blog post by Ben, recently shared on our feed.

Just like that, we’ve burned through another two hours packed with content and networking. Now we turn on the structured networking for the next day and a half, that’ll allow attendees to connect and schedule video meetings. You know what to do!

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Written by: Dr. Barış Onay, Co-Founder & CEO | Precision Communities